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Who qualifies for bariatric surgery?

Surgery is not right for everyone. Here are some of the things we will consider when evaluating whether you are suitable for obesity surgery.

Most importantly, the risk of obesity must outweigh the risks of surgery.

  • Age 16 to about 65 (ages outside this range will be considered individually)
  • Your BMI is 40 or above OR your BMI is 35-40 and you have a health risk associated with your obesity e.g. diabetes, high cholesterol etc
  • You are fit for anaesthetic
  • You have tried to lose weight through other methods
  • You do not have a serious, uncontrolled psychiatric disorder
  • You are not addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • You are willing to continue being monitored by the specialist team

For people interested in obesity surgery and to learn more about surgery options, please read this Obesity Surgery Information Presentation to ensure you understand your options.

Since the decision about whether surgery is appropriate or which operation to choose is not easy, the first compulsory step in your pre-surgery weight loss journey is to read the Obesity Surgery Information Presentation in full. We strongly believe this is in your best interests.

Appointments will not be made for the doctor unless the Obesity Surgery Information Presentation has been downloaded and you confirm you have read it before making an appointment.


If you wish to make an appointment with a surgeon, please ring +61 2 4032 8777 or email to book in. Please note – you will be asked if you have downloaded and read the information presentation in order to confirm your appointment.


If, after reading about the surgery options, you wish to follow up the possibility of having a procedure, you can make a standard appointment to see Dr Wright or Dr Budge. For this, you will need a referral.

Please note, it is mandatory that you have downloaded and read the information presentation prior to attending an appointment.

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