Bariatric Surgery Cost

Bariatric Surgery Payment Options

There are 3 main options for covering the cost of bariatric surgery and these are outlined below.

Medical Health Insurance

The cost of surgery may be covered by your health fund if you have the correct level of cover.  To check exactly what you are covered for we recommend you contact your health fund and quote the appropriate Medicare item number.

Gastric Banding – 31569

Gastric Sleeve – 31575

Gastric Bypass – 31572

Adequate health insurance is the safest approach to having bariatric surgery as your insurance will cover the cost of any complications that may arise.

Private Funds

Some people save to pay the entire cost of the surgery out of their own personal savings.  There is a risk associated with this, because if a complication arises from your surgery, you will be up for further costs.


You may be able to access your superannuation to cover the costs of surgery.  Accessing superannuation for your bariatric and related surgeries is an individual choice. Newcastle Obesity Surgery Centre supports patients wishing to apply for the Government’s Compassionate Release of Super Programme to cover surgery and medical costs. Please click on the link below for further information on how to apply. Note that there is a risk associated with this method of payment because if a complication arises from your surgery you will be up for further costs.

Bariatric Surgery Fees

All bariatric surgeries offered at Newcastle Obesity Surgery Centre (gastric banding, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) have a set out of pocket cost.

This total fee is expected to be paid 3 weeks before surgery and is payable directly to the Director of Newcastle Obesity Surgery Centre, Dr Tim Wright.

Fee Structure

There is a set fee paid to the practice for the surgeon, assistant surgeon and dietician.

Complications do not attract any further out of pocket expenses.

Anaesthetist: The anaesthetist fee is NOT included in our fee. Hospital choice will determine your anaesthetist. All fees will be outlined by the anaesthetist’s practice prior to your surgery.

Hospital: Dr Wright/Dr Budge perform surgery at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Lingard Private Hospital, Delmar Private Hospital and Newcastle Private Hospital.  The theatre and bed fees vary between each hospital. If you have top hospital cover with your health fund, then you should be fully covered for these fees, although it is wise to check your policy cover with your fund and also check if they have an agreement with the above private hospitals. There is no Medicare rebate claimable for private hospital fees.

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