Newcastle Obesity Surgery Centre offers a unique dietary service to compliment your decision to have bariatric surgery.

It is well documented in the research literature that the more dietary support you have after your weight loss procedure, the more successful you will be achieving better weight control and health outcomes.

Our committed and experienced dietitians are known to be warm and knowledgeable. The team will happily assist you with the following areas:

  • Real food advice including meal planning, label reading, meal preparation, recipes, food portioning
  • Multivitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Creating positivity and relaxation around food
  • Intuitive and mindful eating
  • Techniques to address emotional eating

We have trusted associations with psychologists, exercise physiologists and meal delivery services that can be most beneficial after your surgery.

We are the only team of dietitians in Newcastle offering monthly dietetic reviews, 24hour email contact, a dedicated Facebook group monitored by the dietitians themselves as well as personalised support groups and even a clothes exchange program (on hold now due to COVID).

We enjoy getting to know you and being part of your overall transformation. We love what we do and we look forward to welcoming you into our support family.

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